Tip & Roll Bleachers


Tip & Roll Bleachers Lightweight and stable aluminum bleachers tip for easy mobility and storage. 10” wide non-skid seat planks with sturdy under-structure Single or double foot plank models Non-marking 4” swivel casters Foot pad protectors prevent floor marking

Player Bench


Player Bench Sturdy rust-resistant aluminum bench for athletic fields, public parks, and sport complexes. 10” wide non-skid seat planks Heavy-duty rust-resistant steel legs Portable, in-ground, or surface mount installation Floor protection kit (PSS-4FT) for indoor use sold separately

Aluminum Outdoor Bleachers


Aluminum Outdoor Bleachers We carry a large selection of aluminum plank bleachers which are used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Bleachers are available with several options such as number of rows, width, rise, aisles, guards and tow-kits. All our bleachers are built to comply with Canadian building code and are welded by [...]

Telescopic Bleachers


Telescopic Bleachers All seats function on the telescopic principle and when closed, provide either a flat fold front or closed back. The operation of the seating is progressive and upon closing, all rows move to the closed position providing an increase of usable floor space. The system incorporates a locking mechanism provided by [...]

10′ / 12′ Balance Bench


10′ / 12′ Balance Bench Our balance bench is constructed from heavy duty laminated oak which is finished in a four step process. The oak is sanded, sealed, sanded again and then a clear lacquer coat finish is applied. Each bench features three cast aluminum legs. Unlike many benches in the industry, our [...]

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