For Playgrounds, Gymnasium Equipment, Synthetic Turf Fields, and Facilities

  • Our service includes inspection of all required equipment, with most minor repairs carried out immediately (while on site) by our experienced installers.

  • This is followed by a full report advising and consisting of a visual inspection, physical inspection of all structural mounting points, fasteners, pulleys, cables, winches, and all functional parts. Also an operational inspection looking for any faults, flaws or deviations from the expected operation of any electrical powered equipment.

  • Reported onsite actions.

  • A Recommendations section including all available OEM product names and numbers and any suggested improvements
    to the existing equipment including photos of all recommendations and issues.

  • An annual inspection of your gymnasium equipment can help to prevent any added costs from unattended product malfunctions resulting in the possibility of injury and structural compromise.

Being proactive in the maintenance inspections can cost less in facility downtime when schedules are already full.

We also offer an onsite program which aims to assist and educate the athletic directors, teachers and facility managers about the proper function of equipment, what to look for during daily use, and any manufacturer specified usage instructions. This will help to assure that your students/customers are safe and the life of your equipment is being fully enjoyed.