I have a real passion for the sports products industry. I understand what the customer wants and that is a company that provides ongoing quality service and products, a company that keeps their clients’ needs top of mind.

I have spent over 15 years in the sports contracting industry and during that time I watched our competitors and how they handled themselves and their customers. Workhorse will be a company that provides the right quality products and proactive quality custom solutions and we will do this by listening to the customer – delivering nothing less than the best solution and nothing more than what they really need.

What makes Workhorse unique is the proactive care solutions we provide by staying in touch and reaching out to the customer, even after we have been awarded their business. My hope is that the memory of working with Workhorse Sports Installations is so distinct that they will think of me first when it comes to new projects and repairs.

Our goal is to offer consultative and solution based ideas to the customer, with an extensive proactive approach throughout the life of the customer.

Brian Gordon, Owner