Baseball Scoreboards


Baseball Scoreboards For your Baseball and Softball needs, Electro-Mech covers the bases with a full line of scoreboards capable of displaying just the basic information that casual fans expect or more detailed statistics important to coaches, players, and analysts. Consider Electro-Mech's line score models. Every scoreboard in this family [...]

Basketball Scoreboards


Basketball Scoreboards When it comes to Basketball, the choice of an Electro-Mech scoreboard is a slam-dunk. Our products run the gamut from "just the basics" to full-featured models incorporating Player Stats, center-hung four-sided arena models, and even Multi-Sport models for scoring Volleyball and Wrestling in addition to all the [...]

Football Scoreboards


Football Scoreboards Victory on the Football field is no small accomplishment. While the post-game celebration may include travel plans to a certain mouse-themed vacation area, there is another place most Players like to go immediately after the big win: To the scoreboard! The best photo op for members of [...]

Soccer Scoreboards


Soccer Scoreboards We offer many styles of Soccer scoreboards from basic and small, portable models to large, full-featured models capable of scoring multiple sports. The most rugged framing and the longest lasting LED displays are built into these displays to keep your score regardless of the weather. Our wireless [...]

Hockey Scoreboards


Hockey Scoreboard We offer a complete line of LED Hockey scoreboards, from the straightforward Model LX8350 showing Time, Period, and Points, to our top-end Model LX8850, which adds Shots on Goal and a pair of Penalty Timers for each team — counting down the time remaining for the Penalty [...]

Timers and Counters


Timers and Counters A scoreboard can be thought of as a collection of Timers, Counters, and Indicators. Usually the collection fits in one big metal box. But sometimes you want to separate out one of the Timers or Counters into its own box. Most of the items on this [...]

General Purpose Timers


Additional Sports Many of our models within the "big three"(Baseball, Basketball, Football) listings include features that are common to one or more other sports. We've taken these Multi-Sport displays and some scoreboards geared toward other specific sports and organized them here. If you are looking for scoreboards that support [...]

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